01. February 2020 Rehbinder House in Rakvere

06. February 2020 Hall of Estonian Academy of Sciences

With ensemble Una Corda(Estonian harp, harpsicord, classical harp)

Programme: R. Paidere, T. Kõrvits


9. February 2020 Yokohama, Japan

Cellist and performer in the world premiere of the contemporary concert-ballet "Golden Temple", based on Yukio Mishima´s original work("Temple of the Golden Pavilion").

Choreography Teet Kask, composers Timo Steiner and Sander Mölder



27. February 2020 Kuressaare Culture Centre

03. March 2020 Vanemuise Concert Hall

04. March 2020 Pärnu Concert Hall

07. March 2020 Kadrioru Palace

Chamber recital series "Beethoven 250" with Triin Ruubel(violin) and Kärt Ruubel(piano)

Programme: L. Van Beethoven Cello Sonata No. 2 G minor, Beethoven Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op. 9 "Archduke"


01. May 2020 -  Estonia Concert Hall

Web-concert with Triin Ruubel(violin) ja Iván Bragado Poveda(harp)

Programme: C. Debussy, W.A. Mozart


05. July 2020 Viinistu Art Museum

07. July 2020  House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads in Tallinn

Chamber recitals with Egert Leinsaar(violin) and Kristi Kapten(piano)

Programme: C.Debussy, F. Schubert, L. van Beethoven


19. July 2020 Pärnu Music Festival

Concert-recording with the Estonian Festival Orchestra, conductor Paavo Järvi

Programme: Lepo Sumera cello concerto


20. July 2020  Pärnu Music Festival

Chamber recital with F. Donderer(violin), M. Poll(violin), Eva Bindere(violin), Hans Christian Aavik (violin), Xandi van Dijk(viola), Karin Sarv (viola), Thomas Ruge(cello)

Programme: Felix Mendelssohn String Octet in E-flat major, Op. 20



26. August 2020  XVI Tallinn Chamber Music Festival

Chamber recital with Robert Traksmann(violin), Linda-Anette Verte(violin) and Laur Eensalu(viola)

Programme: R. Schumann


15. September 2020 Estonia Concert Hall

Chamber recitals with Egert Leinsaar(violin), Linda-Anette Verte(violin) and Sandra Klimaite Programme: Quartets of P. Glass, A. Schnittke ja T. Riley.

06. November 2020 Tartu Vanemuise Concert Hall

08. November 2020 Estonia Concert Hall

Chamber recitals with Kalle Randalu(Piano)

Programme: All five L. Van Beethoven´s Cello Sonatas


01. December 2020 18:00 and 21:00 Estonia Opera House

Estonian premiere of Golden Temple with Takatoshi Machiyama(dance), Roosi-Natali Nõgisto(dance) and Anna Pärnoja(singer)

Choreography Teet Kask, composers Timo Steiner and Sander Mölder


11. December 2020 Beethoven Festival in Tallinn

Chamber recital with Kristi Kapten(piano)

Programme: L. van Beethoven Cello Sonata No. 3 A major